Year 6


Who's Who in Year 6?

Miss Blythe - Class Teacher

Miss Copley - Teaching Assistant

           Welcome to the Year Six Class Page

A big welcome to all the children and parents of Year 6 2018-19!

We have lots of fabulous things planned for the year! 


We aim to help all children achieve their full potential whilst enjoying their time in our class. The children know that they are to make sure I am aware if they need any aspect of their work explained in more detail. Intervention will be either led by myself or a Teaching Assistant. Please do not hesitate to inform us if your child is worried about any issues that arise in school. Mornings are a very busy time for staff as we have to register the children, sort any other business and then get straight into Time to Worship, but we are more than willing to assist in any way after school if a longer discussion about your child is required.

 Below is the yearly plan for Year 6 2018-2019. Please be aware this is a flexible plan that may change.



Please make sure your child has the appropriate kit for indoors and outdoors PE at all times.

PE will be on Tuesdays with Premier Sport.

Autumn Term Year 6 will be swimming on Friday mornings for a 10 week block. Please send appropriate one piece swimming costumes and trunks that are not too baggy or the instructors will not let them swim! If your child needs goggles, please send a note to me giving consent.

After swimming finishes we will have our other PE session on Friday afternoons.


Diary Dates

Monday 10th September

Y6 Parents meeting 3.30pm Y6 classroom to preview materials children will be accessing for Sex Ed later on

Wednesday 12th September - Trip to the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

In school time, your child will need a drink and a packed lunch. No spending money is required! The shop is too small to cater for large groups.

Friday 14th September

Year 5/6 swimming starts at Wreake.

Thursday 27th September - Year 6 Sex Education Session

- in school all morning

Week Beginning 1st October

Wreake open mornings start. Wreake Valley will communicate directly to parents about this

Thursday 4th October

Year 6 sports morning at Wreake. Your child will need outdoor PE kit, a drink and a snack. We will be indoors if weather is unsuitable. This is in school time and we will be back before lunch, transport is provided and is free of charge.

Wednesday 24th October - Trip to Warning Zone, Leicester

In school time, your child will need a drink and a packed lunch

Friday 26th October - Year 6 Assembly

Y6 Parents welcome, will be topic based

Monday 29th October - Year 6 Cycling Week, consultations booking week

Bikeability to run groups Level 1 training, Level 2 if Level 1 has been achieved.

This is free. Your child will be told nearer the time which days they are to bring their bikes.

Wednesday 31st October

Deadline for secondary school applications for Year 6 parents

Wednesday 7th and 8th November

Consultations - late night Wednesday

Monday 12th November

Y6 Be a learner morning




A huge well done to Year 6 for their amazing assembly based on Crime and Punishment. They truly "ROCKED IT!!!"

A snapshot of our time at Warning Zone learning about internet safety and other hazards...

SATs Tests

SATs week will start on Monday May 13th 2019. 

Monday - Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Maths - papers 1 and 2

Thursday - Maths - paper 3


A great website for Year 6 SATs revision resources and practice papers is Swaffield Primary School's site.

Please click here to access.




Homework and/or spellings will be handed out on a Monday morning and are due back the following Monday. I have included a list of helpful games and activities to help your child with spellings. All the rules and words on the Year 5/6 list will be drawn upon in the SATs spelling test. 

Homework may include some essential revision sheets before Spring Term and revision homework for the SATs will begin in earnest after that. Up to that point, please hear your child read as often as possible, at least 3 times a week. I have given the children reading record books - please sign these when your child has been heard read. They have a genre sheet at the back of their books to fill in. This encourages the children to read a wider range of books.

Finally, children are expected to be secure on their times tables up to 12x12. This is not just reciting tables but being able to recognise all the multiplication and division facts for all tables. Please help your child if they need to secure their tables.

               eg 4x6 = 24

                    6x4 = 24

                    ?x4= 24

                   24 divided by ? = 6   etc